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The Full Story

African Memories

A small penthouse just a few steps from Piazza di Spagna with gorgeous views on

the IV Century churches domes of Roma.

The Owner is fond of travels to Africa. We had to visit all the few African antiques vendors

in the Capital to find unique pieces deserved by this residence.

The chocolate painting at the wall is the most amazing piece of this Traveler's retreat.


LEFT: a pair of African wooden sculpures to introduce the theme of the house. A museum-like ligthing to enhance the two guardians.


Refurbished Deco style armchairs, 1960.

Doors and floor ermined with sisal.

stefano frontani

Two old African pangas and an extra-ordinay chocolate painting.

The dining room with painting and sculpture from the same Artist.


A shower with a view with silver color mosaico.

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