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The Full Story

In the countryside of Rome

A modern villa fascinate with the warmth of antique Indian furniture.

The Owners fond of cooking asked and deserved a wide space where to create their Italian flavours. 

A refuge to enhance the senses and celebrate the strong union of the couple.



A tailor-made dark purple velvet sofa,

a beautiful piece of Antique Chinese furniture.

The peltre vase is from Morocco. Brick were initially intended to be plastered, but Stefano Frontani convinced the Owners to leave them visible for a warmer result.

An aisle lead to the nigth area. The two antique Indian doors were used to separate the Owners' suite from their huge bathroom.

RIGHT: An old Indian dowry trunk is now used as a sofa.


A one-off design of Stefano Frontani for the spacious truffle color kitchen. A cooking fireplace was also included in the kitchen.

The exctractor hood minimalist design was a big challenge, but at the end the performance was very effective.

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