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The Full Story

Chinese seduction

An apartment in the center of Rome embrace with the charm of

ethnic influences and antique Chinese furniture selected by the Designer. 

Fine colorful silk upholstery and warm ligths complete this small Liberty style refuge.




LEFT: A wide antique Chinese daybed in the living is enriched with ethnic and animalier themes,

Chinese silk pillows and Italian ETRO fine fabrics.

The scroll on the wall is original from IX century.




RIGHT: a Thai rice container sit close to an antique Chinese wedding cabinet,

The dining room is completed with a minimalist glass top table with

                           white simple leather chairs to leave full relevance to the proganist piece of this ambiance.                                          





LEFT: the house garden is enriched with a small pond started by Stefano Frontani

were Black molly fish live (Poecilia sphenops). 


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