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The Full Story

The White Lodge

an extra-ordinary
ecoluxury oceanview retreat in Los Cabos ,Mexico

Surrounded by dense endemic coastal vegetation, the Lodge was handcrafted with thick straw clay walls according to the ancient Central-Mexican wisdom. The entire project has been carefully thought out and designed by Stefano Frontani to integrate at best into the landscape with minimal impact, protecting the privacy of each Guest and expose them to the sights and sounds of Baja's pristine nature.


Absolute White as the predominant color, a messenger of purity, freshness, clarity and peace. Black as an opposite balance.

Architecture, construction and interior design by Stefano Frontani.

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Southern Mediterranean and Mexican Ranch style blended together. 


The laguna style pool allows the Guests to enjoy a gorgeous view on the Sea of Cortes. Stefano Frontani wanted the Sea view to be available from every window of the rooms.

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An original old ranch style chariott wheel welcome the Guests at the entrance. All doors are handmade in thick pine wood with wrought iron hardware 

A touch of classical architecture 7.000 miles far from Greece 

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-19 at 14.33.10.jpeg

The plunge pool of room "The Secret", with wooden fireplace and a VIII Spanish Moorish incense burner hanging from the roof.  Appliques are handmade in Mexican onix.

The bathrooms furniture was designed by Stefano Frontani and hadmade in central Mexico, like the ceramic accessories and the cast iron whale tails hangers at the wall.


The main deck area counts with an incredible 4 seater Chesterfield sofa designed byStefano Frontani and realized in black outdoor fabric. Huge clay jars contains Bouganville. 

Oaxaca handmade textiles and

minimalist absolute black lamps.

The bed is made from big fir trunks 

specially cut for the designer.

Walls, floor and outside deck are total white.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Leonardo da Vinci

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